free s2 episode 3 + smiles (▰˘◡˘▰)

you’re my end and my beginning
even when I lose I’m winning
'cause I give you all of me
and you give me all of you


Obito & Rin - Chapter 688


Sokka + Art

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I don't know exactly. But to Haru-chan "free" means "free".
Get to Know Me: Male Characters 2/5
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Tokyo ESP - Glowing Fishes

"They are glowing, small fishes which swim through the air. Not many people can see them. Once this fish swim through someone’s body, that person will be given the ability to use extrasensory perception (ESP)."

ひるなかの流星 | Colored by •ᴥ•

"I forgot to tell you something. The Straw Hat Pirates 
aren't all... just Straw Hat Luffy and God Usopp. Get this 
through your thick skull! 
I'm the man that will one day be this world's best swords- man!" - Roronoa Zoro

Marimo with no sense of direction for narutosensei 

"Choose what you want for yourself. Follow your own path."

Make me choose: Oikawa or Kuroo - Asked by uchiha-shisuis